Galyna Puchkovska International School-Seminar
Spectroscopy of Molecules and Crystals
21 - 24 September 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine

Venue XXIV

XXIV Galyna Puchkovska International School-Seminar “Spectroscopy of Molecules and Crystals” will be held in Odesa, which is often called the "Pearl of the Black Sea" for incredible and unique beauty.

The opening ceremony is planned in Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University.

The University occupies one of the leading places in the formation of the system of education and development of scientific research in Ukraine since its inception on May 1 (13), 1865. The University is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine. Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University is situated in two parts of the city and occupies summarily 70 hectares.


Main part of Conference sessions will be held at Odesa National University Recreation Complex “Chornomorka” (Sovinyon village, prov. Pivdenno-Sanatorny, 2)

How to get to Chornomorka from Odesa Railway Station

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Institute of Physics of NASU

Taylor & Francis Group

The Ukrainian Physical Society
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