Galyna Puchkovska International School-Seminar
Spectroscopy of Molecules and Crystals
21 - 24 September 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine

Lectures XXIV

Structure and stability of gas adsorption complexes in porous solids as studied by IR spectroscopy – An overview of recent developments
Carlos O. Arean
(Palma, Spain)
From time-resolved measurements of liquid crystals, via imaging of biopolymer blends and light-fiber coupled polymerization monitoring to the detection of fraud by handheld instruments: a journey through non-routine applications of vibrational spectroscopy
Heinz W. Siesler
(Essen, Germany)
Models and mechanisms of reversible regulation of photosynthetic light harvesting
Leonas Valkunas
(Vilnius, Lithuania)
Photophysics and spectroscopy modulated by excitation energy in condensed media
Alexandr Demchenko
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
Photoluminescent and electroluminescent properties of organic donor-acceptor molecular materials
Juozas Grazulevicius
(Kaunas, Lithuania)
Optoelectronic properties of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite films

Andrey Kadashchuk
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
New iridium(iii) metal-organic complexes in solutions: linear photophysics and femtosecond nonlinear optical spectroscopy
Mykhailo Bondar
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
Do 2D graphene type nanoparticles destroy amyloid fibril formation in living systems?
Galyna Dovbeshko
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
Bridging the gap between dispersed nanoparticles and low solubility dopants in liquid crystal media
Longin Lisetski
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Scanning tunneling microscopy of organic monolayers on atomically flat surfaces
Alexandr Marchenko
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
Pulsed pumping reveals spectacular perovskite electroluminescence dynamics
Vidmantas Gulbinas
(Vilnius, Lithuania)
Optical properties of ZnO: bulk vs. nano

Galyna Rudko
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
Peculiarities of Electronic and Vibronic Excitations Transfer in Organic Media and Hybrid Nanosystems. Some Fundamentaland Applied Problems
Valeriy Yashchuk
(Kyiv, Ukraine)

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