Galyna Puchkovska International School-Seminar
Spectroscopy of Molecules and Crystals
22 - 25 September 2024, Wojanow Palace, Poland


Topics of the School-Seminar include (but are not limited by) recent advances in theoretical and experimental spectroscopy of:

  • crystalline solids and magnetic materials,
  • nanostructured systems,
  • surfaces, interfaces and thin films,
  • liquid crystals and colloids,
  • liquids and amorphous materials,
  • polymers and biological systems,
  • materials for molecular electronics and optoelectronics
as well as modern spectroscopic methods and applications

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Institute of Physics of NASU

Taylor & Francis Group

The Ukrainian Physical Society
Designed by Yevhenii Vaskivskyi & Yelyzaveta Chernolevska