Galyna Puchkovska International School-Seminar
Spectroscopy of Molecules and Crystals
21 - 24 September 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine

Day 1, 21 September

Scientific Program - Day 1: 21th of September (Tuesday)

ZOOM conferencing from the Main Conference Hall of the Institute of Physics NAS of Ukraine (1 Bld., 46 Nauki Ave., Kyiv)

PLENARY SESSION 1: Chairperson – Bondar M.V.
10:00-10:15 Opening ceremony
10:15-11:00   A. Dmytruk (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  Spectroscopy of Silicon during Femtosecond Laser Processing
11:00-11:45   G.I. Dovbeshko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  Spectroscopic Signatures of Real and Mimetic Membranes as Diagnostic Markers for the Interaction of Anti-Viral Drug Remdesivir with the Cell Membranes
11:45-12:15   V. Pogorelov (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  Spectroscopy of Partially Ordered Liquids
12:15-13:00   L.N. Lisetski (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  Self-Assembling Effects of Functionalized Nanoparticles Dispersed in Anisotropic Media

13:00-14:00 – Get-Together-Coffe Party

Online ZOOM conferencing

REGULAR SESSION 1: Chairperson – A. Dmytruk
14:00-14:20   Study of the Behavior of CdSe Nanoparticles in Hexane Suspension at the Interaction with the Thin Layer of Keratin Deposited on the Glass. C. Postolachi, M. Suchea, I. V. Tudose, A. Cocean, G. Cocean, B.S. Munteanu, N. Cimpoesu, G. Bulai, I. Cocean, S. Gurlui
14:20-14:40   Energy Transfer between Molecular Aggregates Incorporated in Layered Polymer Films. P.V. Pisklova, I.Yu. Ropakova, I.I. Bespalova, S.L. Yefimova, A.V. Sorokin
14:40-15:00   Plexcitons in Thermoresponsive Dextran-Graft-PNIPAM/Au-Nanoparticles/CdTe Quantum Dots Nanosystem: Temperature Effects. O. Yeshchenko, P. Khort, N. Kutsevol, O. Kapush, V. Dzhagan
15:00-15:20   IR Spectra and Structure of Three-Component Mixtures of Methyllysine with Silver Nitrate and Sodium Thiosulfate. A.A. Zakharov, I.L. Plastun, A.A. Naumov
15:20-15:40   Phase Separation in “High-k” Oxide Based Thin Films and Multilayers Codoped with Isovalent Impurities. L. Khomenkova, D. Lehninger, S. Ponomaryov, V. Yukhymchuk, N. Korsunska, X. Portier, F. Gourbilleau, O. Melnichuk, L. Melnichuk, P. Petrik, J. Heitmann
15:40-16:00   Stokes Polarimetry of Porous Silicon. A.L. Yampolskiy, V.A. Odarych, O.V. Makarenko

Online Poster Session 1: Nanoobjects, Surfaces & Films (Conference web-site)

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